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29/1174, Khandagiri, Near Hill Side Nursing Home, Bhubaneswar, Odisha -751019

+91 7504272117 contact@udrtech.com


Contact if any of the question you have is not covered here.


What is UDR Tech for?

UDR Tech is the Platform where all type of technical courses are combined together to create a box of knowledge for students interested in technology.

What is Drone of Aerial Inspection?

Implementation of drones reduce potential threats to human life.  Drone Inspection / Aerial Inspection is the safest way to carry out inspections where human’s accessibility is dangerous. The fields of inspection carried out by UDR Technology is discussed as following. To know more and get a quotation contact us..

What is the Course Duration for Each Course?

Normally the Minimum involvement in a course is 1 month and may extend to 6 month, but each course have their own duration.

What we do?

We provide technical Guidance for technology related issues like drone customization and training robotics, electric vehicle designing as well as we provide services like aerial inspection, Electric vehicle design and spares, web development & IT Support to various industries.

What kind of Courses do we provide?

Please visit our courses section to find more about courses.

How do I Get Started?

We recommend you first get the Free Counselling session, after that you can opt-in for the courses. Directly diving into any course without prior knowledge may not be healthy. Your successful journey is our priority. this why we have the counselling session

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