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We use Updated Equipment’s to meet current demands for serving our customers 

What We Do

Aerial Survey

Perform and Inspect your Commercial Space using Drone and Imaging

Electric Vehicle Designing

Design and Develop your Own Electric Vehicle Model. Get Spare Parts and Development Guidance for EVs. 1st Time in Bhubaneswar

Software & IT Support

Grow your Business or StartUp using latest tools and Technology.

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Aerial Survey & Inspection

Implementation of drones reduce potential threats to human life.  Drone Inspection / Aerial Inspection is the safest way to carry out inspections where human’s accessibility is dangerous. The fields of inspection carried out by UDR Technology is discussed as following. To know more and get a quotation contact us.


  • Technical photography & videography
  • Aerial surveying & mapping
  • Agricultural survey

Thermal & visual inspection conducted for

  • Flare tips inspections
  • Chimney inspections
  • Structural inspections
  • Overhead power lines poles
  • Dams and bridges
  • Roof top & buildings
  • Wind turbine

Advantages of Drone Survey & Inspection

  • Easy to Use waypoints to reach at proper places.
  • Cost Effective & Efficient Alternative to helicopters
  • Better Quality Images & Data Collection.
  • Capturing More Data within short Period of Time.


Electric Vehicles Design

As an eco-friendly technology Electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are advancing rapidly. We see a zero-emission rate for pollution here. So, we provide guidance in electric vehicle design with the material available with us at a good price. So, within economy you can achieve more efficient design and performance level.

Mentors from different universities and IIT’s working with us to give you the best output. For more details contact us about your project plan.


  • Reduce or even eliminate your fuel costs
  • Reduce car emissions to help the environment
  • Become energy independent

Software & IT Support

We Provide all kind of Tech Related Software and Web Services like App Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing, IT Consulting to grow your Business. All service comes with included tech Support to guide you along the way and customise your business goals and needs according to your requirement 

  • Desktop Software Application Development
  • Touch Screen Optimized Softwares
  • Cloud Powered Softwares
  • Android & iOS Apps Development
  • Cross Platform App Development
  • Website Development
  • Infrastructure Migration to Cloud
  • Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud and more
  • Office Administration System Integration for Smoother Collaboration and higher Productivity
  • WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Django, Angular, ASP.NET, Spring, Web Apps, PWA Developments and more
  • Digital Marketing
  • CCTV and Networking Equipment Installation and Support.
  • SEO
  • Technical Support for Existing IT Errors and Problems